Recently, the company Tongling Tongguan Machinery Companies rely ceramic filter products declared "a ceramic filter vacuum suction drain device" patent, obtained in Anhui Intellectual Property Office organization named "Anhui fourth patent Gold Award. "Underground LHD.
In recent years, Tongguan machinery company in support of Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group and Tongling City Technology Bureau, attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, access to a number of high-quality, good conversion results of scientific and technological achievements, patent declaration a "blowout" status. Since 2012, the company received a total of more than 40 patents licensed intellectual property, including patents eight, some competitive products presenting primary and secondary patent "heavily armed" technology reached the international advanced level.

Anhui Tongguan Machinery Company declared to get this gold medal, "a ceramic filter vacuum suction drain device", has run the energy-saving, low failure rate, easy installation, avoid dehydration system height drilling rig companies​ , which can also reduce the filtration equipment plant construction and maintenance costs, the ceramic filter products with high application value, economic and social benefits significantly. Carefully selected and expert evaluation, patent for the invention of the gold medal she won the highest award. It is reported that Anhui only 19 patent award.